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Introduction to the Hinemos Incident Dashboard


Today, we will introduce you to the “incident dashboard”, another useful optional feature of Hinemos.


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Monitoring the Weather Information Using Hinemos


The rainy season has ended and the canicular days are right ahead.

When you decide to go out for a walk, I sure that the most thing you’ll be concerned with is the “weather” ― whether it’s going to be cold or hot, rain or sunny, etc.

If you have a smartphone application, you can set it so it will send you notifications about the weather information automatically. Well, that’s pretty useful.
However, have you ever wished that you could set a more detailed condition? E.g.: receive a notification when the temperature is over 25℃ and the humidity is over 50%, but not when it is under 50%.

That is easily possible by using “Hinemos”, a powerful monitoring software developed by NTT Data Corporation.

With Hinemos, you can monitor and receive notifications based on complex conditions which cannot be set with any weather applications out there.

Let’s see how it works!
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[Hinemos6.1] Executing Jobs on Redundant Servers


Recently, we hear from our users using an environment with server redundancy (e.g. Environment with Server A and Server B) whether there is a way to perform the following 3 operations individually.

  • Execute a job for Server A only
  • Execute a job for Server B only
  • Execute a job for a Server configured with a virtual IP address

The above is easily possible by modifying the configuration file of Hinemos Agent and the information registered to Hinemos Client’s repository.

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