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[Hinemos6.1] Executing Jobs on Redundant Servers


Recently, we hear from our users using an environment with server redundancy (e.g. Environment with Server A and Server B) whether there is a way to perform the following 3 operations individually.

  • Execute a job for Server A only
  • Execute a job for Server B only
  • Execute a job for a Server configured with a virtual IP address

The above is easily possible by modifying the configuration file of Hinemos Agent and the information registered to Hinemos Client’s repository.

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【Hinemos JobMap Option】Combination with HULFT

This article will introduce you how to combine Hinemos with HULFT using the JobMap option.
HULFT is a file transfer software created by Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd.
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【Hinemos6.1】Introduction to the Enhanced Job Features ②

The following are the 3 main aspects of the job feature which has been enhanced from Hinemos ver.6.1.

1.Detecting end delay by predicting the job execution duration
2.Cooperation with events across sessions
3.Specifying the priority of job execution

This article will explain about “3.Specifying the priority of job execution”.
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