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Combining Hinemos with an RPA Tool

Hi there.

In this article, we will try and combine Hinemos with a robotic process automation(RPA) tool and see what they can do together.

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Resuming Jobs from the Middle of a Job Flow

Below is an example of an inquiry we recently received regarding the job feature of Hinemos.

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[Hinemos6.1] Executing Jobs on Redundant Servers


Recently, we hear from our users using an environment with server redundancy (e.g. Environment with Server A and Server B) whether there is a way to perform the following 3 operations individually.

  • Execute a job for Server A only
  • Execute a job for Server B only
  • Execute a job for a Server configured with a virtual IP address

The above is easily possible by modifying the configuration file of Hinemos Agent and the information registered to Hinemos Client’s repository.

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