【Hinemos6.0】Searching Messages Collected by the Logfile Monitor Feature

This article will introduce you how to search through messages collected by the Logfile Monitor feature.

The Logfile Monitor feature, which belongs to the Character String Monitoring category, monitors the messages output to specific log files.
Using the search feature, you can search for particular messages included in the collected string data.

In this article, we will and explain to you how to search through the collected data by monitoring the “access_log” of Apache as an example.



Configure the Logfile Monitor setting as shown below.

●File Info:
Set the information of the target log file

 Directory: /var/log/httpd  (Directory of the target log file)

 File Name (Regex): access_log  (Name of the target log file in regular expression)

 File Encoding: UTF-8 (Encoding of the target log file)

Configure so it will execute a notification when a message is output to the target log file.
*You can still search for a specific string in the collected data as long as the “Monitoring” and “Collection” checkboxes are checked.

Also, by specifying the log format ID, you may add a “tag” to the collected data.

That is all for the setup.

Now let’s try searching for specific messages in the collected data.


1.Search by specifying the target node

When monitoring several nodes with the Logfile Monitor, you can specify which node to search in by the following way.

First, open the “Hub” perspective. Next, from the Hub [Scope Tree] view, double-click on the node to narrow down the target.
If you press the “search” button without setting any keywords etc., all the information collected from the selected node will be displayed under “Search results: List”.


2.Search by specifying the period

If you want to search for log messages output between specific period, specify the period and press the “Search” button.
*Please note that you cannot specify the period if you have selected “All”.

Period:  2017/12/23 13:00:00 ~ 2017/12/23 15:00:00

3.Search by specifying the Monitor ID

You may search in the collected data from the monitor result by specifying the monitor ID of the monitor setting.

Monitor ID: apache


4.Search by specifying the keyword

You may specify the keyword if you want to search for specific log messages.
For example, if you want to search for log messages containing the word “Mozilla”, set the keyword as shown below.

Keyword: %Mozilla%

The keyword is enclosed with “%” for broad match.
For prefix search, add % in the end. For suffix search, add % in the front.


You may specify multiple keywords by separating them with spaces.
For example, if you want to search for messages containing both “WARN” and “NullPointerException”, select “AND” and enter the following keyword.

Keyword: %Mozilla% %Apple%


5.Search by specifying the file name

In the Logfile Monitor, “filename” is extracted as tags. You can use this tag to search by specifying the name of the log file.

For example, if you want to display information of log files containing “access” in its name, set the keyword like shown below.



That’s it for the methods of searching through messages collected by the Logfile Monitor.
Hinemos is equipped with a feature to transfer the collected log messages too. We are hoping to introduce you to this feature soon, so please stay tuned for our future posts!

Thank you for reading!


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