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Introduction to Hinemos Reporting Feature


In this article, we will introduce you the Hinemos Reporting feature, one of the extra features of the Hinemos Enterprise features.

< What is Hinemos Reporting?>
Hinemos Reporting provides a feature that creates a report on various history data, including performance, monitoring, and job data accumulated in Hinemos. Hinemos Reporting enables you to output various history data, which is collected by Hinemos periodically, in the form of a report.
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Using Cloud Management Feature with Hinemos on AWS Environment

In this article, we will create an environment with Hinemos ver.6.1.1 on AWS and then implement the Cloud Management feature (for AWS).

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【Hinemos JobMap Option】Combination with HULFT

This article will introduce you how to combine Hinemos with HULFT using the JobMap option.
HULFT is a file transfer software created by Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd.
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