【Hinemos4.1~6.0】End Status of a Skipped Job

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This very first post of the year 2018 will explain to you about some differences between the job features of the latest and the previous version of Hinemos.


In the past article, we have shown you an example and consideration of a situation where you would like to execute the subsequent jobs even when the preceding job has been skipped.

This past article insisted the user consider the following when setting a wait rule of the subsequent jobs:

If the preceding job has a chance of being skipped for some reason, the wait rule of the subsequent jobs must include the “End Value” of the preceding job instead of its “End Status”.
On the other hand, when you want the execution of the preceding job as the condition, the subsequent job must include the “End status” of the preceding job as its wait rule.

However, the content of this article was based on Hinemos version 4.0, and the job feature has changed in the later versions.

From Hinemos version 4.1, users are able to set the “End Status” of a skipped job; they are not required to set the “End Value” for the wait rule.

First, let’s start off by creating the same jobs as in the previous post as shown below.

Set Job1 so it will be skipped when the JobUnit is executed.

Execute the JobUnit and confirm that Job1 is skipped.

Compared to version 4.0, in the newer version of Hinemos, a value will be included in the “End Status” and the status of the subsequent Job2 and Job3 will become “End(Unmatch)” instead of “Wait”.

This indicates that Job2 and Job3 were not executed because its wait rule was set to “End Status of Job1=”Normal”.

From this, we can confirm that the JobUnit has finished successfully.

In summary, this job feature of Hinemos ver.4.1 and later has changed from its previous version so :

  • the “End Status” will be set even when the corresponding job is skipped
  • users will not need to set the “End Value” by foreseeing the future like in Hinemos ver.4.0 and earlier.

Hinemos is continuously adding new features and improving its performance. If you are currently using an old version, please consider upgrading to the latest version on this occasion.

Thank you for reading!


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