Using the Scheduler Reset Script to Avoid the Execution of Jobs Scheduled in the Past

This article will explain to you about the execution of jobs scheduled in the past and how to avoid it by using the scheduler reset script( of Hinemos Manager (for Linux).

First, we will explain to you about the behavior of the jobs which were scheduled for execution while the Hinemos Manager was stopped.
If Hinemos Manager was started within 1 hour of the scheduled job execution time, those jobs will be executed immediately after Hinemos Manager starts.

For example, let’s say that there was a job called “Job A” which was scheduled for execution every day at 10:00.

If you stopped Hinemos Manager at 09:30 and started it again at 10:30 (30min after the scheduled execution time of Job A), Job A will be executed right after Hinemos Manager was started.


We understand that there are situations where you do not want any jobs executed after its scheduled execution time.
In such case, you will need to prevent those jobs to be executed right after Hinemos Manager starts.
You may do so by following the procedures below.


Step1. Start PostgreSQL

Step2. Execute the script for resetting the job execution schedule

∗ You will be asked for the password of the internal database

Step.3 Stop PostgreSQL

Step.4 Start Hinemos Manager

By following the steps above, the internal scheduler of Hinemos will be reset, allowing you to avoid the execution of jobs which were scheduled when Hinemos Manager was not running; the jobs will be executed from their next scheduled time.

That is all for the method of avoiding the execution of jobs scheduled in the past using the scheduler reset script.

Thank you for reading!


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