【Hinemos6.1】Compound Collectors Monitor

In this article, we will introduce you to one of the many features added from the latest version of Hinemos ― the Compound Collectors Monitor.


Compound Collectors Monitor feature allows users to specify multiple conditions to evaluate the results of numeric monitoring and string monitoring.

We will create a setting so Hinemos will send a notification when both CPU usage and memory usage of a server rise at the same time.



①Collect the values of CPU usage and memory usage with the Resource Monitor feature.

Note: The values of the corresponding monitor items must be collected before using the Compound Collectors Monitor.


②Configure the setting of Compound Collectors Monitor(Monitor ID: techdiary_test01) as shown below.

・Notification Scope: The target node of the Resource Monitor configured in step 1
・Do not consider the order of collection: Check
・Timeout(min): 3 minutes
・Message: OK (When matching all conditions) “An error occurred.” → Judged as “Error”
NG (When matching only a few of the conditions) “The system is operating normally. → Judged as “Information”



Set the judgment condition as shown below.

・Target Node: Use monitoring scope
・Item Name:名:”CPU Usage” or “Memory Usage”
・Collection Type: Numeric
・Judgment: > (Over the judgment value)
・Judgment Value: Any value (This time, we have set over 70% for CPU usage and over 50% for memory usage)


③Execute a command on the target machine to increase the CPU usage and memory usage.



・When increasing both CPU usage and memory usage (When meeting all conditions)

→ Monitor ID: techdiary_test01 will send an “Error” notification.


・When increasing CPU usage only (When meeting only one of the conditions)

→ Monitor ID: techdiary_test01 will send an “Information” notification.


・When the values of both CPU usage and memory usage are below the judgment value (When matching neither conditions)

→ Monitor ID: techdiary_test01 will not send any notification.

We have configured the monitor setting so it will not consider the order of collection, however, by removing the check, Hinemos will check the judgment condition process in the order they are listed.
There will be no notification if the value of the monitor results does not match the highest judgment value.


By combining various monitor settings, you can create a monitor setting suitable for your operational requirements.

For example:
・Send an “Error” notification when only one of the multiple servers did not return a PING.
・Monitor whether a process is running within the designated period of time when a specific message is output to a log file.

That’s it for the introduction to the Compound Collectors Monitor!

Thank you for reading!

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