【Hinemos6.1】Introduction to the Enhanced Job Features ②

The following are the 3 main aspects of the job feature which has been enhanced from Hinemos ver.6.1.

1.Detecting end delay by predicting the job execution duration
2.Cooperation with events across sessions
3.Specifying the priority of job execution

This article will explain about “3.Specifying the priority of job execution”.

* For 1 and 2, please view this article.

<About the priority of job execution>
By specifying the priority of job execution, users can set which subsequent job will be executed according to its priority, instead of their job execution results.

Which means that even when more than one subsequent job fulfills the wait rule, only the job with the highest priority will be executed.

(Source: http://www.hinemos.info/en/hinemos/ver61)

An example of a job execution with the priority setting is shown below.


・Hinemos Manager is installed
・Hinemos Client (Rich Client or Web Client) is installed
・Hinemos Agent is running on the target node.


In this example, we will configure the priority setting to the JobNets.

First, create 4 JobNets under the JobUnit.
Set “test_NET2”, “test_NET3”, and “test_NET4” as the subsequent job of “test_NET” by adding “test_NET” in the wait rule setting of each JobNets.



Next, click on “Next Jobs Setting” from the “Control(Job)” tab of JobNet “test_NET”.


Check the “Run next job exclusive” checkbox to display the subsequent JobNets with “test_NET” set as the wait rule.

This time, we have set “test_NET3” as the highest priority.


You can specify the “End Status” and the “End Value” of the subsequent jobs which are not executed.
This time, we have set it to the default value.



Under the Job History[Job Details] view, the “End Status” and the “End Value” of JobNets which were not executed will be displayed as “End (Exclusive Branch)” and “1”.


After executing the JobUnit, in the Job[History] view, we can see that the preceding “test_NET” has ended,

the status of JobNets with low priority (“test_NET2” and “test_NET4”) becomes “Wait”,
and only the JobNet with the highest priority (“test_NET3”) has been executed.

Since JobNets “test_NET2” and “test_NET4” were not executed, their “End Status” and the “End Value” are displayed as “End (Exclusive Branch)” and “1”.

We can confirm that the jobs were executed as we have expected.


That’s it for part two of the introduction of the new job features from Hinemos version 6.1!

Thank you for reading!


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