【Hinemos JobMap Option】Combination with HULFT

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This article will introduce you how to combine Hinemos with HULFT using the JobMap option.
HULFT is a file transfer software created by Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd.

Image of using Hinemos and HULFT together

Note: In order to use the file transfer feature of HULFT with Hinemos, both Hinemos Agent and HULFT are required to be installed to the machine sending/receiving the files.


The setup procedures for combining Hinemos & HULFT and transfer files using the File-transfer Job are described below.


Note: The environment we will be using this time is “Windows Server2012 R2”. We will be using HULFT version8.1.3 and Hinemos Agent ver.6.0.2. Please replace the version, file paths, etc. according to your environment.

First, create 2 machines with HULFT, Hinemos Agent, and Hinemos JobMap option installed.

Once you have finished the installation, download the file “hulft_script_for_windows.zip” which is distributed to the users who have purchased the Hinemos Subscription.

Extract “hulft_script_for_windows.zip” and place the “hulf” folder under “C:Program Files (x86)\Hinemos\Agent\6.0.2\”.


Next, open “C:HULFT Family\hulft8\etc\hulenv.cnf” and change the parameter “dynparam” to 1.

Then, edit “param\hulft.properties” placed in the “hulft” folder.
Uncomment the version of the HULFT you are using by removing the (’).
Add (’) in front of the other HULFT versions.

Since we using HULFT version8.1.3, it will look like this.

Also, for the parameters below, change the double-quoted file path to the file path in your actual environment.

Edit the “hosts” file located under “C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC” of both sender/receiver server and add the information of their IP and hostname.

Open the management console and launch HULFT from Tools > Process Controller

Note: The error definition file (NT.dat) for HULFT version 7 is located under “C:\HULFT Family\hulft7\etc\errfile\”. However, for HULFT version 8, it is located under “C:HULFT Family\hulft8\etc\lang\jpn\errfile”.
Therefore, when using HULFT version 8, please copy the file “NT.dat” to “C:\HULFT Family\hulft8\etc\errfile\”.

That is it for the machine set up! Now we move on to the set up in Hinemos.

Register the machines we will be using into Repository[Node] view. Don’t forget to check that the machines are also displayed in Repository[Agent] view.

Next, add the following parameter in the Maintenance[Hinemos Propery] view.

Note: The location of the hulft scripts must be the same between all machines and must match the value set to parameter “job.hulft.script.dir.windows”.

The above is the default value. If you have installed Hinemos Agent to a different directory, change the value to the actual file path.

Once you have finished setting the Hinemos Property, let’s create a file transfer job from the Job Setting perspective.

Open the Job Setting perspective and select “Create File-transfer Job” to display the Job[Create/Modify File-transfer Job] dialog.
Click the “File Transfer” tab and specify the sender/receiver machine in the “scope” fields.

Enter the path of the file you wish to transfer in the “File” field, and enter the target directory of the transferred file in the “Directory” field.

In this example, we will create and send a text file “HULFTtest.txt” to “C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop”.

Fill in the required fields in the execute the Job[Create/Modify File-transfer Job] dialog, register, and run the file-transfer job.

Check the execution result from the Job History perspective.

We can see that the job has been executed properly. Now let’s check whether the file has been transferred to the target machine.

Perfect! So there you have it.

The diagram below illustrates the image of the file transfer we have conducted.

We transferred the file from Agent 1 to Agent 2 this time, but you can also transfer the file from Agent 2 to Agent 1.

That is it for today!

If you are interested in using HULFT with Hinemos, please consider purchasing the Hinemos Subscription which includes the Hinemos JobMap option. Please see below for more information about the Hinemos Subscription.

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