Resuming Jobs from the Middle of a Job Flow

Below is an example of an inquiry we recently received regarding the job feature of Hinemos.


During the execution of a JobNet, one of the command jobs has failed and stopped.
After fixing the cause of the failure, we executed the corresponding command job once again. The command job ended without any problem, however, the subsequent command jobs were not executed.
How can we make it so these subsequent jobs will be executed?


The flow of the jobs we will be testing in this article will look like this:

  • job03 will wait for job02 to finish properly
  • If job02 did not end properly, remove the cause and execute job02 again

(Operations indicated in red are performed manually)


This job flow is possible by the disabling the 「End if Condition Unmatched」 setting in the wait-rule.

Hinemos is designed so it cannot resume a job flow which has already ended.

Therefore, it is required to configure the job so the flow will not end when it stops during the execution.


Let’s see the transitions of the jobs under the default setting.

(The following checkbox is checked by default)


Set job02 so that it will stop during the execution process.

(*The job flow can be displayed graphically like below by using the JobMap feature)

(Green=End without error, Red=End with error)

job3 was not executed in the example above since it is set so it will start only when job2 ends properly (End Value = Normal).

(Setting of job03)


Remove the cause of the error and execute job02 again.

From Job History Perspective→Job History[Job Detail] view, right-click job02 and select “Start[Start]”

Press “OK”

As you can see, only job02 is executed and the job flow itself will not resume.

If you need to execute the subsequent jobs, you will have to start them manually.


Remove the checkmark from the 「End if Condition Unmatched」 to resume the job flow.

*This time, we will be using the copy of the previous jobs (Copy_Of_jobflow1).

Remove the checkmark from the 「End if Condition Unmatched」 check box.


Set job02 so that it will stop during the execution process.

(Blue=Executing, Grey=Waiting)


Remove the cause of the error and execute job02 again.

Right-click and select “Start”→”OK”

Since the job flow itself has not finished, job2 and the preceding jobs are executed.


*We recommend you to set an Event/Status Notification to the command job so it will notify you when it does not end properly (especially if the job are executed automatically with calendar setting etc.)

①Setting of an Event Notification so it will send a notification when jobs/monitor settings end with status “Critical”.

②Set the notification to the command job

③Notification “Critical” will be output to the Monitor History[Event] view when the job does not end properly.


That’s it for today’s update. Thank you for reading!

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