Combining Hinemos with an RPA Tool

Hi there.

In this article, we will try and combine Hinemos with a robotic process automation(RPA) tool and see what they can do together.


The RPA tool we will be using is “UiPath Studio” developed by UiPath.


Want to try for free? The trial edition can be downloaded from here.

Once you have finished your installation, let’s start creating the process we want to automate. They call it “The Scenario”.

■Creating a Scenario ~Part1~

Have you ever thought that typing in the password every single time you log in to the client is a bit bothersome?

Well, that can be easily automated by using UiPath!
What we will need is a scenario which launches the client, enters the password (and usernames etc.), and displays the startup perspective.


①Start UiPath Studio

②Open a new scenario

③Press the “Recording” button to switch to the recording mode

④Log into the Client as usual
・Launch Client
・Enter password etc. in the login dialog
・Press the “Login” button
・Press the “OK” button

⑤Stop the recording when the login process has finished

⑥Save the scenario

⑦Launch UIPath Robot and execute the scenario created in the previous step.

*You can see that the process is done automatically.

Now you can log in to the Client with a single click!
You can add more to the scenario to automate more complex processes.


■Creating a Scenario ~Part2~

Even though you have automated the process using the RPA tool, isn’t it bothersome that you still have to execute it manually?
This is when the Job feature comes in handy.
By setting the command which executes the scenario to a job, the scenario can be executed anytime anywhere.

For example, let’s create a scenario which clears the recycling bin and configure it to the job of Hinemos.

①Start UiPath Studio

②Open a new scenario

③Press the “Recording” button to switch to the recording mode

④Empty the recycling bin
・Open the recycling bin
・Select “Manage” tab → “Empty”
・Press “Yes”
・Close window

⑤Stop the recording mode

⑥Save the scenario


⑦Create a command job and set the command which directly executes the scenario.


⑧Execute the job whenever you want to clean up your recycling bin!
By combining a more longer scenario with the job feature, you can perform complex processes which are impossible with scripts easily and on regular basis.

That’s it for this time. Thank you for reading!

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