Changing the Icon Images for JobMap

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In this article, we will introduce you how to change the icon images for the “JobMap” feature, a unique and useful feature included in the enterprise option.


About the JobMap feature

Hinemos JobMap is a feature that makes jobs more “visible” by extending the concept of a job on a two-dimensional map and graphically showing its transition.
You can use the feature broadly regardless of environment since it can be deployed in any environment where Hinemos Client is running.


The JobMap feature becomes available by applying the activation patch (only for Linux) and the enterprise option key.
(Purchasing Hinemos subscription is required to use the enterprise options.)

Changing the icons for JobMap

Now, let’s change the icons for JobMap.

The JobMap feature consists of two perspectives – the “JobMap Editor” perspective and the “JobMap Viewer” perspective.
You can change the icon images on the JobMap Editor perspective.
Go to the JobMap [Icon Management] view in the JobMap Editor perspective, and press the registration button (the cross-shaped one in the red square).
The JobMap [Create/Change Icon Images] dialog will be displayed. Change the icon ID, description, and owner role ID if necessary, and refer to the image you wish to use as an icon image by clicking on the Refer button.
*Set the file size of the icon image at 32 x 32 px.

When the file upload is completed, the uploaded image will be displayed in the blue square on the screen below. Press the OK button after confirming the completion of the upload to register the icon image.

When the icon registration is completed, the dialog saying “Registration is completed” Will be displayed.
After checking the dialog, you can see the icon image (the one in the red square) you registered earlier has been added on the JobMap [Icon Management] view.

Next, change the registered job unit, JobNet and job icons to the icon image you added earlier. In this article, we will explain how to change the JobNet icon as an example.

After clicking on the JobNet (job unit/job) icon you wish to change, press the change button (the one in the blue square in the top right-hand corner) to display the “Create/Change JobNet” dialog.
After displaying the dialog, select the icon ID of the icon image you added earlier in the icon ID field (in the red square).
After changing the setting, press the OK button to check the JobMap Editor perspective again.

The icon was changed successfully!



Changing the JobNet and job icons makes it easier to grasp the respective roles of JobNets and jobs, as can be seen in the image below.


You can understand more the relationship between job units and jobs and thus operate Hinemos more smoothly by changing the job icon images with the JobMap feature.

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That’s it for the brief introduction of how to change the icon images using the JobMap feature!
Thank you for reading!