[Hinemos Job Feature] Configuring the File Transfer Job Setting

In this article, we will explain to you how to set up and execute jobs using the file transfer job setting.

A file transfer job transfers a file from one node to another.
In the following example, a file is transferred from Node 1 to Node 2.

Transferring a file from one node to multiple nodes is also possible.

File transfer is processed using the scp command. If there are multiple files with the same name, how they are processed will depend on the process of the scp command. 



Prepare the following environment in advance.
– Transfer source server (TS node)
– Forwarding destination server (FD node)
*Both servers must satisfy the following conditions.
– openssh-server and openssh-client are installed, and ports for SSH are open.
– Hinemos Agent is installed.


1.SSH configuration

Create a file transfer user (“hinemos” this time) on both servers.

Next, set a password for the created user.

Switch to the file transfer user on the FD node.

Display the public key for the file transfer user.
If the public key has not been created, create and display it without a passphrase.

Switch to the root user.

Register the public key displayed above in Agent.properties.

Restart Hinemos Agent after the setting.

Next, log in to the TS node using SSH as the file transfer user, and then register the key in known_hosts.

If authorized_keys file is not found in the TS node, create it.

Switch to the root user, and then add the authorized_keys file setting to Agent.properties.

Restart Hinemos Agent after the setting.

This will complete SSH configuration.


2.File transfer job setting and operation check

Register the FD and TS nodes in the repository, and confirm Hinemos Agent is recognized.

Open the job setting perspective to create a file transfer job.
Configure the setting as follows this time.
*test.txt was placed under /tmp in the TS node in advance.

This will complete the file transfer job setting. Now, let’s check its operation.
Execute the created file transfer job from the job setting perspective manually to check the job history.

Check the directory under /tmp in the FD node.

You can see test.txt has been transferred successfully.



We introduced you how to configure a file transfer job setting.
One example of using a file transfer job is combining the job with its file check execution to get Hinemos to detect a log happening on the source machine and automatically transfer necessary log files to the destination machine.

That’s it for the brief introduction of how to configure a file transfer job setting.
Thank you for reading.