[Hinemos Monitor Feature] Introduction of Cloud Billing Monitor

Hello, everyone.
In this article, we will introduce you “Cloud Billing Monitor”, which is one of the Hinemos Cloud Management features.

・About Hinemos Cloud Management feature

Before introducing Cloud Billing Monitor, we will briefly explain about “Hinemos Cloud Management” first.
The Hinemos Cloud Management feature is a sub-function of the Cloud/VM Management feature which provides Hinemos with a feature to manage, create and use a system using Amazon Web Services (or AWS) and Microsoft Azure.
Once the subscription or authentication information of the cloud services is registered in Hinemos, the feature will enable their collaboration with a broad range of cloud services/components. With the feature, you can operate a cloud environment seamlessly as if you operate an on-premise environment.

Cloud Management Feature enables the management and operation of resources used in AWS/Azure on Hinemos.
※Purchasing Hinemos Subscription is required to use Cloud Management Feature.

Cloud Billing Monitor, which becomes available by implementing Cloud Management Feature, is a feature that receives service charges information from the cloud services and notifies if the charges exceed the threshold value.

Seeing the actual screens may be easier than reading the description about them. So, let’s configure the Cloud Billing Monitor setting and check the monitoring result!
This time, we will use Hinemos Manager ver.6.1.1 and Cloud Management Feature (AWS) ver.6.1.a to perform monitoring.

・Account registration

First of all, register an AWS account in the Cloud [Login User] view to create a monitor setting.

Press the additional account button in the top right-hand corner on the screen to display the Cloud [Register/Modify Login User] dialog.
Fill in the pink-colored fields for user registration.
Enter the access key and the secret key created in the IAM console of AWS in the Access Key and Secret Key fields under AWS Account (Main).
*For details on how to create an AWS access key, refer to the following URL.


The account information will be displayed in the Cloud [Login User] view and the Cloud [Service Status] view when the account is added. The status of the added account and the status of the various cloud services corresponding to the account will be displayed in the Cloud [Login User] view and the Cloud [Service Status] view respectively.

Since the additional account has been registered, create a monitor setting next.

Move to the monitor setting view to create a new monitor setting.

・Monitor setting

This time, we will select “Cloud Billing Monitor (Numeric)” as a monitor type to check the AWS billing status.

Select the appropriate monitor ID, the scope (account) to monitor, the target service of Cloud Billing Monitor, and the threshold values.

This time, we set the threshold values for Cloud Billing at or above 0 and below 1,000, at or above 1,000 and below 5,000, and at or above 5,000, so that Hinemos will send notification of “Information”, “Warning” and “Critical” respectively.

・Monitoring results

Move to the Monitor History perspective and wait for the monitoring result to be output.

A notification has come!
You can see it was judged as “Info” since the value is  “(AWS)AmazonEC2:92.080000”.

With Hinemos Cloud Management Option, you can monitor cloud service charges.
You can also monitor the percentage of increase in charges on a machine-by-machine basis by performing “Detailed Cloud Billing Monitor”, although we did not touch on it this article.

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That’s it for the introduction of the Cloud Billing Monitor feature!