About Hinemos Time

In this article, we will introduce you “Hinemos Time”.

When I was looking at the timing where scheduled jobs and monitor settings were executed, some questions came to my mind: Are scheduled jobs, etc. executed according to the time set to the operating system where the manager is installed? Or does it have its own individual time?

I will summarize what I found out.

First, the answer to the question above is that Hinemos uses “Hinemos time” to control the timing for executing jobs, etc.

・What is “Hinemos time”?
“Hinemos time” = “Manager’s OS time” + value of “common.time.offset”*
*It can be changed in the Hinemos property. Its default value is 0.

In other words, we can say that when using the default setting, Hinemos refers to the time set to the operating system where the manager is installed.

Now, let’s try various patterns using the Job feature.


Server 1: Manager, Agent
Server 2: Agent
Execute the “sleep 120” command by using a Job, and then execute the ps command to check the execution status.

〇Pattern 1 (Default)

The default screen is shown below for reference.
Hinemos’ execution screen (18:00:08)

Server 1’s CLI screen (18:00:24)

〇Pattern 2 (Executing the job after changing Hinemos time)

Set Hinemos time forward 3 hours.
Change the value of “common.time.offset” to 10,800,000.*
*Specify the value of “common.time.offset” in milliseconds.
10,800,000 = 3H x 60M x 60 x 1,000

(You need to restart Hinemos Manager to reflect the new setting.)

Execute the job.
Hinemos’ execution screen (21:34:09)

Server 1’s CLI screen (18:34:34)

You can see the time which is 3 hours fast is displayed on the Hinemos screen as set in the “common.time.offset” field.

〇Pattern 3 (Manager’s OS time is different from Agent’s OS time)

Set the value of “common.time.offset” used in Pattern 2 back to the default value (0).

Execute the following command to set the OS time of Server 2 backward 3 hours.

*To change Agent’s OS time, perform the following steps.
1. Stop Hinemos Agent.
2. Change the OS time.
3. Start Hinemos Agent.

This will make the OS time of Manager server different from the OS time of Agent server.
Execute the job with this time settings.
Hinemos’ execution screen (19:15:02)*

Server 2’s CLI screen (16:15:17)

*It is earlier than the time in Pattern 2. Therefore, when sorted by the start time, the record of Pattern 3 is under Pattern 2.
Since Manager’s “Hinemos time” was used, the job was executed regardless of the OS time of Server 2.
That’s it for the brief description of Hinemos time and the results of Hinemos time-based job execution.
We hope you will find this article helpful when creating schedules in your environment.