What you can do when unable to log in to Hinemos Client


Have you ever experienced a situation where you have finally finished setting up your environment and the components of Hinemos by carefully following the instructions in the installation manual, but fail to log in to the client?

Although there are several reasons why you might be unsuccessful to login to Hinemos, e.g. the Manager is still loading, the internet connection is bad, etc, in this article, I will introduce you to 2 of the presumable reasons and their solution.


First, prepare an environment with Hinemos Manager ver.6.1 and Hinemos Web Client ver.6.1 installed.

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Cause1:Listening Address Setting

When logging in to Hinemos, the following error message may appear.

The cause might be because the listening IP address of Hinemos Manager is set to
Due to the bug in OpenJDK 8, users cannot set as the listening address when using java-1.8.0-openjdk- or earlier.

Therefore, users must upgrade their OpenJDK version or change the listening address.

This time, I will explain the latter solution.

In order to change the listening address, we will be using the script “hinemos_change_listen_address.sh” placed under “/opt/hinemos/sbin/mng/”.


①Stop Hinemos Manager and launch PostgreSQL

②Execute “hinemos_change_listen_address.sh”

③Stop PostgreSQL and start Hinemos Manager

Try logging in again after finishing the 3 steps.


Cause2:Too many Clients connected to the Manager at the same time

There are a limitted number of simultaneous connections possible from Hinemos Client to Hinemos Manager. You cannot connect to Hinemos Manager when exceeding the limit.


In such a case, please try and increase the maximum number of connection.

①Edit “/opt/hinemos_web/conf/hinemos_web.cfg”

Example: When increasing the number from 8 (default) to 16, modify the corresponding line as follows:

②Increase the number of Web Client’s heap memory

When the number of connection increases, the amount of Java heap memory used by Hinemos Client may not be enough.
Therefore, edit “/opt/hinemos_web/conf/hinemos_web.cfg” and increase the amount of Java heap memory of Hinemos Client.

Reference Value: When connecting using 10 to 20 browsers, select “medium”. When connecting using 20 or more browsers, select “large”

This time, we have increased the number to 16, so select “medium”.

③Restart Hinemos Web Client to apply changes

Let’s check if the maximum number of connection has actually changed.

Success! It works with more than 8 browsers.

That is it for today!
Thanks for reading!