Applying High Availability to Hinemos Installed on AWS Environment

In this article, we will implement the Mission Critical feature on Hinemos Manager servers created on AWS.

  • What is the Mission Critical feature?

The Mission Critical feature enables creation of fault-tolerant Hinemos HA cluster when implemented on two servers where Hinemos is running. In a HA cluster environment, even if a failure occurs on one server, Hinemos keeps running on another server. Therefore, there is no need to worry about stop of monitoring or failure of job execution. Also, Hinemos HA cluster enables uninterrupted operations management even if various failures happen, such as failure of a server where Hinemos is running, network failure, storage failure, OS failure, or Hinemos process failure. System operators can operate Hinemos HA cluster, as if operating ordinary Hinemos, without being aware of its configuration.

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This time, we will create an HA environment for Hinemos ver.6.1 on AWS.

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[Required components]

〇Hinemos Manager (ver.6.1.1) environment ×2

〇Hinemos Web Client(ver.6.1.1)

〇HinemosHA (ver.6.1.b) package

Installing Hinemos HA on AWS environment

①Install the following packages before installing hinemos-ha.

● wget
● python
● python-devel
● awsclient

→ We installed awsclient in accordance with the following steps.

②Execute the aws configure command.

→For more information about the aws command and aws configure command, refer to the AWS manual.
About the region, we referred to the following page.

③Set a root password shared between Servers 1 and 2

④Set an FIP as an address of Hinemos Manager on both Servers 1 and 2.
Stop hinemos_manager, and then start only hinemos_pg.

②Create another Hinemos Manager server instance with the same setting.
*Place the instance in a different availability zone of the same region.
For example, create Server 2 in availability zone “ap-notheast-2”, if Server 1 is created in availability zone “ap-northeast-1” this time.
Ensure the Cloud Management feature and the Mission Critical option, which are installed on Server 1, are installed in the instance as well, and the aws configure command is also executed.

③Perform clustering.

Execute the following shell script on both Servers 1 and 2.

*You can check the network interface ID by clicking on Service>EC2>Network Interface eth0.

*You can check the associated Route Table ID by clicking on Service>VPC>Subnet.

Confirm that failover and failback can be performed properly after the setting above is completed.

Start Server 1 and Server 2 in this order to run Hinemos HA.

Check the status of Hinemos HA. Confirm that Servers 1 and 2 are running properly.

Stop Server 1 after confirming both servers are running, and then confirm that the status of Server 2 has changed from STANDBY to MASTER.

When that is confirmed, congratulations, you just got yourself a working HA configured Hinemos environment!