A collection of Hinemos-related videos


Did you know there are various Hinemos-related video materials uploaded on Youtube?

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the videos of Hinemos which can be viewed on the internet.

①Hinemos demonstration video released in 2018


It is a video mainly explaining about the system operation issues customers experience and how Hinemos solves them. Some of the typical issues are, for example,  complicated operation procedures, unable to react to failures quickly, rising maintenance costs, etc.

This colorful and easy-to-understand video also includes information about Hinemos’ newest features.

If you are interested in implementing Hinemos or purchasing Hinemos Subscription, please contact us by sending a mail to the address below.

②Demonstration video released in 2017


This is a brief demonstration video about the new Packet Capture Monitor which was introduced from Hinemos ver.6.1.

It does not have any sound like the video above, but it includes clear steps for confirming the collected binary data from Hinemos Client’s view.

For more details on Packet Capture Monitor, please refer to our previous article.

③Demonstration video released in 2016

This is a demonstration video about the features of Hinemos ver.6.0.

The design of the graphs has changed drastically from this version.
Users were able to modify the threshold value directly from the graph view and also save the graph as PNG files.

④Demonstration video released in 2012


A video (with spoken instructions) released 7 years ago explaining the VM Management feature for Hinemos ver.3.2.

You can see how the interface and the graph views looked like in one of the early versions of Hinemos.

This version was released from OSDN, unlike the latest versions which are release from Github.

If you are interested, Hinemos ver.3.2 is still available for download from the link below.


If you are interested in the VM Management feature in general or planning to use it to manage your system on a virtual environment, it is available by purchasing the Hinemos Subscription.

For details, please contact us by sending a mail to the address below.


That’s it for the brief introduction to some of the Hinemos-related videos out there on the internet.

There are still other videos which haven’t been mentioned in this article, so if you are interested, try searching for them!