[Hinemos x IFTTT] Output Monitoring Results to LINE

[Hinemos x IFTTT] Output Monitoring Results to LINE


Today’s article will introduce you to how to output notifications sent from Hinemos to LINE using IFTTT.

1.Creating an Applet on IFTTT

First, go to https://ifttt.com/ and sign in.

Select “New Applets”.


Click on “this” to search for the service which will act as a trigger.


Enter “Webhooks” and select the service which appears below.



Choose a trigger provided for the service.


Enter any name for the “Event Name”. (You will be using this information in later steps).


That is it for the trigger.

Next, click on “that” to search for the service which will act as an action.


Enter “Line” and select “LINE” from the list of services which appear below.


Click “Connect” to connect LINE with IFTTT.


Follow the instructions and add “LINE Notify” to your chat room.


Go back to the IFTTT setting screen, and then select the action “Send message”.

Configure the target chat room and the content of the message.
*You can include various information in the message. For example, by adding {{OcurredAt}} to the Ingredient, the time when the notification was output will be included.

Click on “Create action” after the setting is complete.

Enter the title (description) of the applet, and then click “Finish”.



3.Settings on Hinemos

Create necessary settings from Hinemos Client.

*For details, please refer to the previous article.

Monitor Sesults:


LINE Chat Screen:

The message was successfully output to LINE!


That’s it for the brief introduction of how to integrate Hinemos×IFTTT and LINE.

And as always, thanks for reading!