[Hinemos x IFTTT] Receiving Monitoring Results via Voice Message


This is another article about integration between Hinemos and IFTTT.

In the previous article, we introduced how to output notifications sent from Hinemos using SMS.

Today, we will introduce you how to receive notifications via voice messages.

Receiving messages require phone number from U.S.
Refer to this article for how to acquire U.S. phone numbers for free.

1. Download the “IFTTT Integration Solution” Package

Follow the link below and download the required package according to your environment.


This time, we will be using the package for Linux: “ifttt_webhooks_trigger.tar.gz”.

See step 3 or refer to the following manual for details regarding the setup procedure.


2.Create an Applet on IFTTT

First, go to https://ifttt.com/ and sign in.

Select “New Applets”.

Click on “this” to search for the service which will act as a trigger.

Enter “Webhooks” and select the service which appears below.

Choose a trigger provided for the service.

Enter any name for the “Event Name”. (You will be using this information in later steps).

That is it for the trigger.

Next, click on “that” to search for the service which will act as an action.

Enter “phone”, and then select “Phone Call (US only)” from the list of services that appear below.

Select “Call my phone”.

Enter the content of the message you will be receiving.


Click on “Create action” after the setting is complete.

Enter the title (description) of the applet, and then click “Finish”.

3.Place the Script and Configuration File

Place the tar.gz file from step 1 to the target node.

Extract “ifttt_webhooks_trigger.tar.gz” and place the files under any directory.
The steps below are explained assuming that the files are extracted to “/tmp”.

Create a target directory for the copied files.

Change the access permissions of the files.

Modify “ifttt_conf.cfg” as shown below.

Enter the event name and the key generated in the previous steps.

4. Create Monitor Settings on Hinemos

Create necessary settings from Hinemos Client.

*For details, please refer to the previous article.


A monitor result that CPU usage reached 100% was output from Hinemos.

Few seconds later・・・?

The monitor result was output from the phone.

That’s it for the brief introduction of how to receive notifications via voice messages.

And as always, thanks for reading!