【Hinemos】New user training

In April, new employees will arrive, people coming from different fields of activity as well. That is why I think new people will be getting involved in Hinemos.
So, this time, in this article I will introduce you the different accessible training methods for the people using Hinemos for the first time.
In my honest opinion, the following methods are the best way of taking the training courses. In this article there are additional information as “Note” that I hope you will find helpful.

The different methods to acquire knowledge about Hinemos will be presented as follows.
① Startup information of Hinemos   ② Training Course
② Publications           ④ Seminars – Events


Below you will find each option described in details.


① Startup information of Hinemos

 The following articles are available for consulting at the Technical Information page on Hinemos official website.


The latest publications refer to Hinemos ver.6.1.
3 articles introduce the Hinemos system (Getting started with Hinemos, Monitoring, Job features) and 2 articles expose practical use (Advanced monitoring, Advanced job features).
※The latter 2 articles are currently provided in Japanese only.



While it has the merit of being free and available immediately, however,

all functionalities of Hinemos are not covered in those articles. Nonetheless I think it is a great start on a “How to use Hinemos” standpoint.


② Training Course [Currently provided in Japanese only]

Once a month are held paid training courses. (May be available free of charge)
Pre-made trainings courses include two types of class:
1.Class format
2.Hands-On format

※Currently provided in Japanese only



In this course you can learn all Hinemos functions in an academic way. You can learn about the application of all functions mentioned in the above article “Startup information of Hinemos”.

Though the training being charged, if you have purchased a Hinemos subscription, it is possible to take the course for free by using the preferential code.

Our instructors have deep knowledges of Hinemos, thus you can ask questions about all and very specific functions, mainly used features of Hinemos, etc.
But I think that you will get a better understanding of the actual system that is Hinemos by making practical use of what you learnt from the textbook.

Fee: ¥65,000
※Applications made through our company are eligible for discounts.
Duration: 1-day workshop



Here, you can learn knowledges about Hinemos the same way as in the classroom, but also put your knowledges into actual, practical use on the system.

This method is recommended as a means to train your technical experts fast and efficiently, at the expense of an increased fee.
In this course, you can ask many questions to the instructor regarding Hinemos, so that you can gather all information you need.

You can learn how to use each function following the academic method as well as completing practical cases on an actual machine. This is the fastest way to increase your proficiency.


〇Job or Monitoring only
Fee: ¥90,000
※Applications made through our company are eligible for discounts.
Duration: 1.5 days workshop

〇Job + Monitoring
Fee: ¥120,000
※Applications made through our company are eligible for discounts.
Duration: 2.5 days workshop


For those who have a Hinemos subscription contract, an online training course is also available.


If you have a Hinemos subscription contract, the textbooks used during the class are also provided online.

These two trainings are held once a month in Tokyo. They are especially recommended if you live in the area.
Nevertheless, you can still learn the above-mentioned courses online. However, learning from the textbook alone and comprehend all the knowledges might take some time, as though you will not benefit from the instructor’s explanations.


③ Publications [Currently provided in Japanese only]

We are also publishing books for those who are interested in integrating and managing Hinemos into their information system.

・ “Introduction to Hinemos Integration Management [Hands-On]

Revised Edition.”


※Currently provided in Japanese only

Although basic usage of Hinemos is described in the different manuals, in this book you can learn all about functions in details as well as practical methods to set Hinemos up and running.
It is also a particularly suitable book for learning and practicing on concrete cases.

This book allows you to study all Hinemos functions and learn their detailed functioning, kept at a reasonable price. That is why I think this approach is really effective.
However, being more than 500 pages and the fact that you cannot address your thoughts on particular matters to an instructor might be an obstacle.
Nonetheless, since all detailed features are listed in the book, you will be prone to learn from the “minimum information necessary for startup” up to the “detailed information needed later on”.


④ Seminars – Events [Currently provided in Japanese only]

Seminars are held once a month, and events are held twice a year.

・Spring Event
※Currently provided in Japanese only

So far with the above training methods, you have learned the main functions of Hinemos. But with the seminars and events presented by our company, you can learn more general knowledge, best practices on how to use Hinemos for the first time.

For example:
If you are a sales representative, attending this seminar will allow you introduce business proposals related to Hinemos to your customers.
If you are a specialist, we can start with an overview such like “What is Hinemos?” then you can use the above training methods to get more information regarding each function.

Besides, it is essentially held free of charge, so it is a good opportunity to take a look at it.

With all the references above, I hope that new people involved in Hinemos will become accustomed to Hinemos as soon as possible.